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Energy in the Healing Arts

Healthy Energy is flowing, flexible, dynamic, balanced, and associated with positive feelings. When that energy flow is disrupted or blocked one will experience noticeable physical and emotional symptoms. To stay healthy, a person must continually adapt to the changes going on, both inside and outside the body.

"The body moves by means of the spirit, but you do not see the spirit. Thus you can know the spirit through the movement of the body." - Rumi

Karen Meyer


"Yoga is a practical, systematic scientific quest for perfection. Its teachings are an integral part of most religions but yoga in itself is not a religion. Most religions teach what to do, and yoga teaches how to be. The central teaching of yoga is that man's true nature is divine, perfect and infinite. Through the meditative methods of yoga, man can become aware of his own true self, which is pure and free from all imperfections. The Sanskrit word yoga come from the root yuj meaning to join together or unite. This is the union of man with absolute reality." - Swami Rama

Karen Meyer


Polarity Therapy is a way of working with the fundamental energies of life, a way of bringing these energy currents to a state of balance and removing obstructions to their free flow though out the human energy field. Establishing this state of flowing balance enables the life energies to bring about whatever healing needs to be done. This balanced condition is experienced as one of deep concentration and relaxation, as radiant health and improved peace of mind. A heightened awareness of one's fundamental nature and ones's personal needs and potentials often results from Polarity Therapy. - APTA Website